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Cartoon Contests

5th International Sporthumor The Smile Olympics — 2012 Italy

DEADLINE: 28. 02. 2012

Theme: “All Sports…” (Football, Cycling, Athletics, Boxing, Motorcycling, Skiing, Motor Racing, Swimming, Running, Speedboat Racing, Basketball, Baseball, etc…)

Cartoon, Caricature, Digital Prints…

Size: A4 (21×29.7) Only…

Work: Maximum of 3 works… Original…

The digital works, printed on paper with original signatures, participate in the competition…

Deadline: 28 FEBRUARY 2012

2.000 € (For original cartoons)
1.000 € (For original caricature)
500 € (For digital works)

Emilio Isca Via Dante 4,
10098 Rivoli / TO (Italia)

E-Mail Address: emilioisca@libero.it



DEADLINE: 28. 02. 2012
1.) I am a selective man!
Theme: promoting selective waste collection.

We can help save our planet for the next generation by selectively collect used and unneeded, but still recycleable materials. Although selective waste collection is not a problem any more, it still has not become an integral part of our everyday life. Let’s use the humour of cartoons to show some of the absurdities and contradictions of our lives and let’s have a good laugh at our own peccadillos. Humour may help us and our children better understand our planet’s needs.

2.) The contest is open, so we accept works of both amateurs and professionals from all around the globe.

3.) Deadline for entries: 28. February, 2012.

4.) The entries will be judged by a professional jury. The jury’s decision is not negotiable.

5.) We aim to organise an exhibition tour in primary, secondary schools and colleges in Hungary, where we would like to point out the imprtance of selective waste collection to the young. The first exhibition is scheduled in Baja in March 2012.

6.) It folows from 5.) that the submitted cartoons will not be returned!

7.)  Participants can submit up to three original cartoons in A/4 or A/3 size, using any technique. Prints of cartoons produced or coloured with software can also be submitted on condition that it has the cartoonist’s original signature and the print’s serial number.

8.) The participants should write their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of the cartoons.

9.) Postal address for entries (please note the order!):
Istvan Kelemen
Bajza J. u. 19.

10.) For information or enquiries about the competition contact:
Phone: +36 20 426 58 82
e-mail: grafikuskelemen@freemail.hu

11) First prize: HUF 200,000, gross

12.) For the list and works of participants and for any other information visit: www.grafikuskelemen.hu .

13.) Participants whose works are selected by the jury for the catalogue will receive a free copy of it via post.

14.) The organiser retains the right to use the cartoons freely (e.g. poster, leaflet, calendar, etc.)

15.) By entering the contest the participant accepts the terms of the contest.
We wish you good luck and sucessful participation.


5th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden — 2012 Luxembourg

DEADLINE: 18. 03. 2012
The Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden with the cooperation of Les Amis du Château de Vianden, Naturpark OUR and CartoonArt.lu are pleased to announce their

1. Subject:
Category 1 – CARTOON: Art
Catogory 2 – CARICATURE: Victor Hugo (French writer 1802-1885) and/or Ronald Searle (British cartoonist 1920-2011)

2. Deadline: 18th March 2012

3. Prizes:
Category 1: 1st prize: 2750 € + trophy, 2nd prize: 1750 € + trophy, 3rd prize: 750 € + trophy, 3 honourable mentions
Category 2: 1st prize: 500 € + trophy, 2nd prize: 250 € + trophy, 1 hourable mention

4. Entries: Initially, each participant can submit up to 3 entries in digital format by sending them to the following address: cartoon@caricature.eu. The author must include the following details in his or her e-mail: first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, as well as the category and the title or the number of each submission. The specifications for these electronic submissions are as follows: format JPEG, good quality, and max. 1MB per picture. If, for some reason, the participant is unable to submit his or her work via e-mail, he or she may submit the original prints via regular mail.
Out of these submissions, the jury will make a selection of 90-120 drawings and will ask the artists to send in the original documents via regular mail. All these originals will be shown in the exhibition and in the catalogue. Their size should be between DIN A4 (210×297 mm) and DIN A3 (297×420 mm); furthermore, the paper should be of high quality. The drawings must not be folded or included in a passe-partout. On the backside of every drawing, the artist needs to indicate his/her first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, as well as the category and the title or the number of the work. This deadline is 6th April 2012.

5. Technique: Free, black and white or in colour, without subtitles. Printouts of digitally created drawings will be accepted, but will not be returned. The submitted drawings must be signed by the artist on the backside. Photos, collages, photocopies and coloured b&w reproductions will be eliminated.

6. Announcement of the prizes and exhibition: The announcement of the prizes and honourable mentions will happen on 5th May 2012 in Castle Vianden and the exhibition will take place in the Hall of the Knights of Castle Vianden from 6th May until 4th June 2012. There are plans to display the exhibits in the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden and in other cities until end of June 2013.

7. Returns: At the end of this series of exhibitions, the original drawings will be returned to their authors. The drawings that were awarded one of the prizes will not be returned. They will become property of the organizer.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that might occur during shipping.

8. Catalogue: The authors whose submissions are selected for the exhibition will receive a free catalogue by mail upon return of his or her submissions after end of 2013.

9. Results: The results will be published on the website www.caricature.eu on 8th May 2012. The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed via e-mail or by phone.
The final decisions of the jury are incontestable.

10. Copyright: The selected participants give the organizers permission to use their drawings only for promoting the artist and the event itself. Every other aspect of the copyright remains with the artist (except for the awarded submissions). It ensues that the awarded works can no longer be submitted in other contests or published by their authors or third parties after the official publication of the results.

11. Generalities: The submitted work should not have been awarded or published before the deadline of this contest. Artists interested in selling their work will need to label the backsides of their drawings with the words “for sale” and his selling price in Euros.
By taking part in this contest, the participants accept the abovementioned rules.

12. Submission address:
Musee de la Caricature et du Cartoon de Vianden
48, Grand-rue
L – 9410 VIANDEN

13. Further information:
Phone nr.: 00352-621 28 37 90
Phone nr.: 00352-78 83 18
Source : http://www.licurici.eu/


5th International “Smiling Cat” Cartoon Web Contest — 2012 Azerbaijan

DEADLINE: 01. 04. 2012
Contest: Open to all cartoonists

1) Cartoon: Jury
2) Caricature: World cartoonists

Deadline: 01 April 2012

ENTRIES: Max. 1 cartoons

A4 size max. 200 dpi, format (JPEG).
Max one entry in each section:
black & white or colored,
any style, any technique will be accepted.
Name, address, tel and e-mail.
At the end of competition there will be an exhibition on internet from the selected cartoons.
The participant must send their photo along with their autobiography.
All cartoonists can participate through their own e-mail by submitting your cartoons to:

Grand Cat Prize: Trophy + Diploma
Golden Cat Prize: Trophy + Diploma
Silver Cat Prize: Trophy + Diploma
Bronze Cat Prize: Trophy + Diploma
Honorable Mentions ( 2 ) Certificate.

The results will on 30 April, 2012
right after the international juries’ evaluation.
Jury: Cartoon Committee Members

E-mail: smiling.cat2012@gmail.com




9th Biennale “Humour & Vigne” Jonzac — 2012 France

DEADLINE: 01. 04. 2012
Cartoon theme
Humour et Vigne : Travelling

April 1st, 2012

In kind, above all, of a liquid kind, complementary money prizes, special invitations and awards. Special mentions: diplomas.

Number of entries
max 3 original works or high–quality copies


Copyright issues
The organisers reserve the right to use artist work for the promotion of the artist and the “Humour & Vine” event without financial reward. All other rights remain property of the artist.

Address to send the artworks
Humour & Vigne BP 43, 17502, JONZAC CEDEX , FRANCE

or by e-mail :


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

(Jpeg 300dpi, max 5 MB each work)

Contact for further information

entry-form :



21th International Satire Exhibition — 2012 Italy

DEADLINE: 15. 04. 2012
21th International Satire Exhibition “Trento between reality and madness”
We encourage designers to express, in their mode of thought and technical
congenial, investigating this theme controversial and fascinating,
from the most intimate aspects to the wider dimension of life. A thought
about the slowness all round

«Trento between reality and madness»

Subject: slowness
1. Authors may submit an unlimited number of works, Studio d’Arte Andromeda
reserving the right to expose those, which, in its sole discretion,
considers most adherents to the theme.

2. The works must be original, can be made with any technique, and must
adhere strictly to the theme.

3. Maximum size allowed: A3.

4. The works must arrive at

Studio d’Arte Andromeda – via Malpaga,
17 – 38122 – Trento – Italy

before April 15th 2012.

5. The date of the inauguration will be notified in time to all participants.

6. The works will be returned on demand.

7. The Organization Committee will keep the prize-winner and signal

8. The Studio reserves the right to print a catalog with the most significant
works and the right to use the same access to information, news and
documents about the exhibition. The catalog will be delivered during
the opening or sent on request with the works.

9. Andromeda’s Art Studio don’t answer of possible damaged or missing
works, but maximum care of the delivered works is assured.

10. The contest has the following prizes:
1st prize: € 1000,00
2nd Prize: € 700,00
3rd Prize: € 500,00
Youth Prize, ages 15-29: € 300,00
Audience Award: Gift


17th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb — 2012 Croatia

DEADLINE: 19. 04. 2012

The organizer of the 17th International festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2012 is the Croatian Cartoonist Association. The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex, or profession.



Conditions of entry:

1. Original works and digital artworks will be accepted. Digital artwork is to be numbered in pencil on the front and pencil signed. Copies cannot be admitted.

2. Entries can be either black and white or coloured.

3. There should be the name, the surname and the adress on the reverse side of cartoons.

4. The cartoons must not have been previously awarded on festivals.

5. Maximum 3 entries will be submitted.

6. Size of entries is A4 or A3 format.


Entry deadline is the 19th of April 2012.



First Prize 1.000 EUR
Second Prize 500 EUR
Third Prize 300 EUR
Five Special mentions.

The exhibition will take place in Gallery Klovicevi dvori in Zagreb on the 5th of June 2012.

Authors of works that qualify to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition cataloque.
Only on explicit request will remaining (original) works be returned to the owners in the end of the exhibition cycle (in the second half of the year 2013).

The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Zagreb 2012, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used.

The prize-winning works become property of the organizer.


29th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition — 2012 Turkey

DEADLINE: 01. 05. 2012

• The Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition is organized every year in Turkey by the Aydın Doğan Foundation.

• The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.

• The Jury, composed of international members, will meet in June 2012.

• The 29th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition will be celebrated with an award ceremony in October 2012 in Istanbul.

1. Choice of subject is free.

2. Only original cartoons will be accepted. Cartoons sent as printouts should bear original signatures of cartoonists. Photographs, photocopies, etc. will not be accepted.

3. Size of cartoons should not exceed 29.7 x 42cm (A3 paper size).

4. Participants are expected to send the filled out participation form, with a short curriculum vitae and a photograph, together with their cartoons. Please fill out the form attached or download it from www.aydindoganvakfi.org.tr . The documents should be sent to

Aydın Doğan Foundation
Burhaniye Mahallesi, Kısıklı Cad. No 65
34676 Üsküdar Istanbul, Turkey.

5. The Foundation will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage.

6. Award-winning cartoons will not be returned to their artists.

7. By filling out the participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he hands over the financial rights such as processing, duplication, distribution, representation, indication and transmission to the public via audio and/or visual means (s)he holds over the cartoons to the Aydın Doğan Foundation without limitations on location, time period and number including assignment to third parties under Articles 21-25 of the Law No. 5846 on Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works for publication; (s)he also declares and accepts in advance that the Aydın Doğan Foundation may use such cartoons to exhibit them, to keep them in its archives, to publish them on the Internet or through other media or to use them in any other way without limitations.

8. The Foundation will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the first three award-winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Turkey.

9. Cartoons that have not received any awards shall be returned to their owners upon written application to the Foundation within one year. The responsibility of the Foundation finishes after one year.

10. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

11. Jury members cannot participate in the competition in the year they act as a jury member.

12. The decision to upload the cartoons sent to the competition on the Virtual Museum lies with the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
Winner : 8,000 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Winner Award
First Runner up: : 5,000 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation First Runner up Award
Second runner up : 3,500 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Second Runner up Award
Success Award : 500 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Success Award

(In the event of a tie, the monetary awards may be shared equally among the winners. A minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 success awards will be granted.)


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